About the Issue

In 2018, a disturbing incident at Longfields Davidson Heights in Ottawa raised significant concerns about how sensitive topics, particularly mental health, are addressed in educational settings. An elementary health lesson designed to tackle bullying ended with a fictional scenario of a school shooting, where a bullied kid came to school, killed his bullies, and justified the reasons for murder to students. This caused distress and sparks a broader conversation about the need for better safeguards for student mental health.

Legal Developments

Mike Fuchigami, a former Grade 8 teacher, filed a complaint with the Ontario College of Teachers, which was not pursued. Seeking clarity, Fuchigami requested a judicial review. The Ontario Divisional Court recently upheld the College’s decision, leaving many questions unanswered about the protection of vulnerable and invisible students with mental health challenges in our elementary grades.

Mike Fuchigami’s Mission

Mike Fuchigami is dedicated to advocating for improved mental health support and safer practices in schools. He believes in the power of active citizenship and the importance of having courageous conversations to effect positive change in our educational system.

Media Resources

  • Press Releases: Access our latest press releases on student mental health issues and advocacy efforts.
  • Statements and Quotes: Find official statements and quotes from Mike Fuchigami for use in your articles and reports.
  • Background Information: Learn more about the incident at Longfields Davidson Heights and the subsequent legal proceedings.
  • Court Ruling: Fuchigami v. Ontario College of Teachers, 2024 ONSC 106. Divisional Court file No. 239/22 (Heard at Toronto May 18, 2023. Ruling date: Jan 9, 2024)

Video about what happened at Longfields Davidson Heights in Ottawa (April 2018)

I published this video in May 2020. At 5:53 I describe the bullying / school shooting lesson delivered at Longfields Davidson Heights in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My mental health crisis does NOT end in tragedy. Share your story to help others get through theirs.

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